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As the second half of the 2022/23 academic year advances, the Foundation is continuing its principal mission to enhance geophysical education in Canada, taking advantage of renewed in person interactions and meetings to meet awardees and supporters.

As part of that effort, we are focusing on strengthening outreach to current and recent awardees with respect to their education and future careers, to help overcome any lingering effects of prior Covid restrictions on studies and research experienced over the past several years.

With the presentation on February 8 of the final six scholarships to awardees at Queen’s by Bruce McMonnies in conjunction with a special lecture on UTEM and a tribute to Yves Lamontagne, the Foundation has shifted its focus to the announced renewal of the scholarship program and is encouraging applicants for the upcoming academic year (2023/24). We are pleased to note that the anticipated 20+ awards will include a new scholarship for environmental and humanitarian geophysical objectives generously funded by a major gift, together with other initiatives to be announced in March.

The Directors look forward to opportunities to meet many of the current cohort of scholarship recipients in person and learn about their studies, research and career plans  at the KEGS Geophysical Symposium  followed by the Reunion Party at Grace O’Malley’s on March 4 in Toronto and at the subsequent PDAC Convention (Mar 5-8), aided by subsidized registration and travel bursaries.

In addition to thanking recent donors and supporters at the Reunion Party and other events, we continue to encourage additional donations from the geophysical, exploration and mining sectors to sustain the Foundation’s critical efforts to renew our vital profession.

With best wishes for continuing success in the New Year.


Other relevant future geoscience meetings and events

The calendar below shows key global geophysics and exploration meetings in the next 4-6 months, now almost entirely transformed into virtual events, facilitating global participation. Additional details on relevant future geoscience meetings, seminars, conferences and other events, please consult appropriate websites for the KEGS, B.C. Geophysical Society, CSEG, AEMQ, PDAC, CGU, GAC, SEG and university departments. Further details on future geoscience events in the Greater Toronto Area, including KEGS, KEGS Foundation, TGDG, CIM Toronto, Ore Deposit Hub, UofT Earth Sciences Dept, CGCS and School of the Environment, can be found on the GTA GeoEvents Calendar.

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